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What is Route 183?

Updated: May 19, 2023

#LenziAziz Route 183 Living: The Future of Intentional Communities

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in intentional communities as people look for alternative ways to live and connect with others. One such company leading the charge in this movement is Route 183 Living.

Route 183 Living is a corporation founded by three like-minded individuals with a vision to create a new business model that delivers value to the community. Their goal is to build intentional communities that prioritize sustainability, community building, and shared values. By doing so, they hope to unlock the value of land while delivering value to the residents.

The company's first priority is to identify properties that have the potential for intentional communities. They then work with architects, builders, and community members to create spaces that meet the needs of the residents and the surrounding area. These communities prioritize sustainability and self-sufficiency, with features such as renewable energy system, community and individual/private gardens and composting systems.

What sets Route 183 Living apart is their focus on creating opportunities for residents to move between similar communities in different regions. This means that residents can experience the benefits of intentional communities in different parts of the world, while maintaining a sense of community and shared values.

The company's vision of intentional communities that are sustainable, community-driven, and accessible across regions is a refreshing and innovative take on community living. As Route 183 Living continues to grow and expand, it will be exciting to see the positive impact these intentional communities will have on the communities they serve.


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