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Pops: "You will find happiness when you stop paying the price"

#LenziAziz Happiness Redefined: The Inspiring Journey of My Cousin Pops

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting my cousin Pops, a resident of a charming one-hectare farm in Costa Rica. The tranquil beauty of his abode stood in stark contrast to his previous home in the hectic metropolis of Toronto. Amidst our talks, Pops imparted a phrase that resonated deeply within me: "You will find happiness when you stop paying the price."

It took some time and many dialogues to decode his profound wisdom. The 'price,' Pops referred to, symbolizes the invisible burden we bear in our quest for success, driven by societal expectations. This can materialize as an emotional, physical, social, or identity cost. Pops chose to discontinue paying this cost.

**Emotional Price:** In the city, Pops regularly compromised his emotional wellbeing due to the demanding pace and stress-laden work. Costa Rica offered him a sanctuary where he could prioritize tranquility over anxiety.

**Physical Price:** Urban living often disregarded his health. His current routine involves physical farming tasks, binding him with the earth's rhythm, a connection urban life could never offer.

**Social Price:** Earlier, Pops maintained exhausting relationships under societal pressure. Now, he treasures a tight-knit community of like-minded neighbors.

**Identity Price:** In Toronto, societal norms forced Pops into roles that belied his true aspirations. Costa Rica welcomed his authenticity, letting him lead a life reflecting his true values and passions.

Pops's transformation wasn't about rejecting societal norms, but realizing the high cost he was paying for them. He chose a simpler life, focusing on emotional stability, physical health, genuine connections, and self-expression.

The peaceful life Pops discovered substantiates his profound wisdom. Happiness, unique to every individual, often lies in acknowledging and relinquishing the 'price' we are paying. Like Pops, sometimes, a drastic change in environment is necessary to cease paying that price and embrace true happiness.

We needn't imitate Pops's path, but understand the essence behind it: we hold the reins to our happiness. We can shape it ourselves, which may sometimes involve relinquishing the 'price' we aren't even cognizant of.


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