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Clearwater Settlement
733559 NB Inc
Astle, NB. Canada

Clearwater settlement is located in the community of Upper Miramichi in New Brunwick, Canada. The settlement will be gated and on highway 8 which connects the provincial capital, Fredericton, with the city of the Miramichi and Bathurst to the north. 

The settlement has 25 lots that range from 1-17 acres. For individual area and cost of each lot, please see below. 

Land (excl buffer):  Buffer means area designated by the government as wet area during flood season. 
HST: Harmonized Sales Tax. A value added tax that can only be claimed by businesses that makes qualify for HST rebates.

Total Cost : The purchase cost of the p
roperty including HST 
Monthly Payment: Monthly payment based on 12% interest rate for 10 years.

We strongly advise that you shop around for the best mortgage rates before settling with any one rate including our rates

Sold* = Confirmed sale or waiting closing date

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