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What is Route183?
Route183 is a ground-breaking global initiative centered around two principles: community-building and affordability. We provide diverse and cost-effective housing options, spanning from homey farms to traditional houses and comfortable cottages, located in welcoming communities around the world. The essence of Route183 lies in its flexibility, offering residents the freedom to choose living arrangements that not only fit their budget but also align with their lifestyle and values. But Route183 is more than a community - it's also a platform for those looking to affordably acquire hand-picked properties worldwide. Our approach is rooted in collaboration, sustainability, and creativity, revolutionizing the real estate landscape with an affordable solution for vibrant community living and global property acquisition.

Clearwater Settlement-NB.jpg

Our premier settlement is Clearwater Settlement in Astle - New Brunswick, Canada. Settlement is located on Hwy 8, 40 minutes drive (55km) from Fredericton City Hall at downtown. You can locate the settlement at Google Maps here.

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